Essential Oil Profile: Cardamom


Latin Name:Elettaria cardamomum


Plant Part:Seed/Fruit


Typical Country: Ecuador,India, Ceylon

Note/Element:Top. Element:Fire,Earth

Functional Groups:Ester,Oxide,Terpene,Aldehyde


Ayurvedic Dosha:Vata,Kapha


For Skin Type:None

Cautions:Not for sensitive skin

Physical Uses:Indigestion, nausea, heartburn,stomach ache,. Coughs,colds. Muscle pain. Warming. Helps circulation. Useful during Winter and to warm cold feet.

Mental/Emotional Uses:Self-esteem,apathy,exhaustion,fatigue,mental clarity. Instills courage. Nervous tension.

Other Uses: Aphrodisiac. Asian-inspired blends. Reminiscent of the smell of “chai tea”

Blends Well With:Flower, fruit, roots,seed and wood.

Possible Substitutions:Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander & Ginger


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