Essential Oil Profile: Benzoin Absolute

Benzoin Absolute

Latin Name:Styrax benzoe


Method:Solvent extracted

Plant Part:Resin

Note/Element:Base/Earth, Metal

Functional Group:Aldehyde, ester

Type:Relaxing, warming

Ayurvedic Dosha(Balances):Vata

Scent:Warm, smooth, sweet

Skin Type:Great for dry,cracked

Cautions:Skin sensitization

Physical Uses:Cracked skin, dry cough, chills, laryngitis, arthritis

Other Uses:Perfume fixative

Mental/Emotional Uses:Comfort, stress, security, grief, loneliness, home, sickness

Blends Well:Citrus, resins, flowers, spices & wood oils.

Possible Substitutions:Myrrh


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