Essential Oil Profile: Valerian


Latin Name: Valeriana officinalis

Family: Valerianaceae

Plant Part: Root

Method: Distillation

Note/Element: Note: Base Element: Earth

Functional Groups: Esters, Terpene, Sesquiterpene, Alcohol, Aldehyde

Type: Relaxing, hypnotic, grounding

Ayurvedic doshas(Balances): Vata

Scent: Earthy, woody, balsamaic, bitter-sweet, cloying, tenacious

For Skin Type: None

Cautions: Not during pregnancy. Use sparingly: can be stupefying.

Physical Uses: Insomnia, muscle pain, headache, stomach and menstrual cramps, PMS, hearth palpatations, .

Mental/Emotional Uses: Anger, extreme tension, emotional crisis, nervousness, panic, anxiety, addictions especially smoking.

Other Uses: Perfumery, fixative. Useful with Rescue Remedy.

Blends Well With: Flower, Fruit, Resin, Root, Wood.

News You Can Use: Known to attract cats and rats. Use at your own discretion.


Graf, Katherine:Aroma Studio:Aromatherapy Home Study Certification Master Level, 2001-2012.


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