Essential Oil Profile: Melissa


Latin Name: Melissa officinalis

Family: Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Plant Part: Flowering Plant

Method: Distillation

Note/Element:  Note:Top/Middle. Element: Fire, Wood.

Functional Groups: Aldehyde, Terpene, Sesquiterpene, Alcohol, Ester, Oxide

Type: Relaxing, balancing

Ayurvedic Dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Scent: Lemony, subtle, herbacous

For Skin Type: Oily, acne

Cautions: Not during pregnancy

Physical Uses: Cold sores, herpes, coughs, colds, menstrual and stomach cramps, anger, indigestion, PMS, headache, high blood pressure, nausea, palpitations.

Mental/Emotional Uses: Anxiety, depression, nervousness, stress, grief, heartbreak

Other Uses: Insect repellent. Related to heart chakra

Blends Well With: Flower, Fruit, Resin, Seed, Spice, Wood

Possible Substitutions: Lemongrass, Leptospermum

News You Can Use: If you want to draw bees to your garden, plant Melissa also known as lemon balm and bee balm.


Graf, Katherine:Aroma Studio:Aromatherapy Home Study Certification Master Level, 2001-2012.

Schnaubelt, Kurt, Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil Therapy, Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont, 1998, pp 27,41, 52, 107.




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