Essential Oil Profile:Basil Sweet

Basil Sweet

Latin Name: Ocimum basilicium

Spanish Translation: Albahaca

Family: Lamiaceae(Labiatae)

Plant Part: Flowering Plant

Method: Distillation

Typical Country: Vietnam, India

Note/Element: Note:Top/Element:Fire,Wood

Functional Groups: Phenol,alcohol,ester,ketone,oxide

Type: Stimulating

Ayurvedic Dosha(Balances): Vata, Kapha

Scent: Sweet, herbaceous, spicy

For Skin Type: Oily, acne

Cautions: Not during pregnancy. Use diluted.

Physical Uses: Muscle & joint pain, colds, flu, cough, menstrual, cramps,flatulence        Indigestion, amenorrhea

Mental/Emotional Uses: Nervous tension, mental clarity, depression, stress, anxiety, studying

Other Uses: Holy Basil is good for anointing the hair & during meditation for focusing.

Blends Well With: Citrus, herbs

Possible Substitutions: Basil Holy(Tulsi),(Ocimum santum) or Basil Tropical  (Ocimum basilicum)


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