Essential Oil Profile: Galbanum

Galbanum ( Endangered or Declining)

Latin Name: Ferula galbaniflua

Family: Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)

Plant Part: Resin

Method: Distillation

Note/Element: Note: Top/Middle Element: Metal

Functional Groups: Terpene, Sesquiterpene, Alcohol, Ketone

Type: Grounding, centering, drying.

Ayurvedic Dosha: Vata, Kapa

Scent: Woody, balsamic, fresh, green, earthy, spicy, bitter, clean.

For Skin Type: Mature

Cautions: Not during pregnancy. Not for children or teens.

Physical Uses: Menstrual cramps, scanty menstrual flow, amernorrhea, menopause, weepy wounds, cough with mucus, dry cough, muscle pain, snake and insects bites and repellent, rheumatism, respiratory and digestive support.

Mental/Emotional Uses: Longstanding problems, chronic stress, uplifting, clearing,

Other Uses: Hospice. Works best for mature individuals. Meditation. Used in perfumery.

Blends Well With: Flower, Fruit, Resin, Root, Spice, Wood Oils.

Possible Substitutions: Frankincense, Elemi 


Katherine Graf:Aroma Studio:Aromatherapy Home Study Certification Foundation Level, 1999-2010.

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