The Power of Clary Sage

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)

History: The Romans called it sclarea, from claurus, or “clear,” because they used it as an eyewash. The practice of German merchants of adding clary and elder flowers to Rhine wine to make it imitate a good Muscatel was so common that Germans still call the herb Muskateller Salbei and the English know it as Muscatel Sage. Clary sometimes replaced hops in beer to produce an enhanced state of intoxication and exhilaration, although this reportedly was often followed by a severe headache. It was considered a 12th century aphrodisiac.-Susun Weed

In Jamaica, it was used among the local people for cleaning and cooling ulcers and for inflammation of the eyes.-

Clary sage Salvia sclarea essential oil has extraordinary healing powers, especially for women. During my research of clary sage I learned how truly important it is. I use the essential oil in my body wash because it’s an anti-depressant and I love the deep sweet/herbaceous scent. After taking a shower with my body wash I want you clean and happy. Keep reading it gets better.

Clary sage therapeutic properties are:

Antidepressant, anti-convulsive, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, digestive, emmenagogue, euphoric, hypotension, nervine, sedative, stomachic, uterine and nerve tonic.

Antibacterial: Kills bacteria and fungi, particularly infections of the colon, intestines, urinary tract and excretory system.

Anti convulsive: reduces convulsions, calms the nervous system

Antidepressant: It helps with clarity, uplifting, reduces stress and improves the mood. Encourages hope, confidence and mental strength.

Antiseptic: Keep wounds from becoming septic, protects against tetanus.

Antispasmodic: Useful in the treatment of spasms, muscle, respiratory, coughs, headaches.

Aphrodisiac: Reduces frigidity and impotency.It’s said that the plant offers euphoric sensations, increasing joy, confidence and even sexual drive while combating stress and depression.

Deodorant: Clary Sage oil in diluted form, it serves as an efficient deodorant without any side effects. It’s effects last a long time.

Digestive: It boosts the secretion of gastric juices and bile, thereby speeding up digestion and easing the process, which relieves cramping, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

Hypotension: Clary Sage oil is very effective in reducing blood pressure by relaxing the veins and arteries. It widens the blood vessels and allows for increased circulation, resulting in increased oxygenation to the muscles and organ systems, boosting their performance and your overall metabolic performance.

Nervine: It sedates nervous and other disorders  like nervousness, vertigo, anxiety, and hysteria.

Sedative: It’s calming, helps you relax, reduces inflammation.

Skin care: Clary sage is great for acne. Calming and soothing to the skin. Eczema is soothing to the skin and can reduce irritation.Strengthens skin and gums. Combined with a carrier oil, like jojoba, it can be used on larger areas of the skin to reduce wrinkles and improve tone and texture. Also promotes healthy hair and scalp.

Stomachic: Maintains health of stomach.

Uterine: It prevents uterine problems that women have after menopause, including uterine tumors, bleeding, and pain. It regulates hormones like estrogen and ensures long-term health of the uterus.

                                                                                         photo from Fordville Gardens


Clary sage oil can be very relaxing and should be avoided when consuming alcohol, since it could exaggerate the effects of alcohol. It is a non-toxic, non-sensitizing oil, but can in large doses generate a headache and must be avoided during pregnancy.


Lawless, Julia. The C0mplete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy.Great Britain: Element Books Limited,1997.

Health Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil


Essential Oil Profile: Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Latin Name: Salvia sclarea

Family: Lamiaceae(Labiatae)

Plant Part: Flower/buds,sometimes leaves

Method: Distillation

Note/Element: Note:Top/ Middle. Element: Wood.

Functional Groups: Alcohol, Ester

Type: Euphoric

Ayurvedic Dosha (Balances): Vata, Pita, Kapha

Scent: Hay-like, herbaceous,tea-like,bitter-sweet floral, musky

For Skin Type: Oily, Mature

Cautions: Not during pregnancy, not w/alcohol use. Avoid w/estrogen dependent conditions such as endometriosis, cysts, and cancers.

Physical Uses: Menstrual cramps, menopause, amenorrhea(an abnormal absence of menstruation), labor, indigestion, sore muscles, dandruff, digestion, lower blood pressure, headache relief

Mental/Emotional Uses: PMS, depression, stress, tension, postpartum depression, inspiration

Other Uses: Aphrodisiac, alcohol addiction

Blends Well With: Flowers, peel- Bay, bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, cedarwood, chamomile, coriander, cypress, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon balm, lime, mandarin, patchouli, petitgrain, pine, rose, sandalwood, tea tree

Possible Substitutions: Chamomile Roman

                                                                                                             Photos-Fordville Gardens


Katherine Graf:Aroma Studio:Aromatherapy Home Study Certification Foundation Level, 2001-2011.

The Health Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

Cybopogon nardus /Cybopogon winterianus

The citronella plant is a grass, there are two species or varieties, usually from South Asia. Their Latin names are Cybopogon nardus and the Java variety Cybopogon winterianus. Lemongrass is their cousin, Cymbopogon flexuosus. Knowing a plants Latin name is very important. Let me tell you why. The plant that you purchase from the garden center is Pelargonian citrosum or citrosa geranium also known as the mosquito plant. It is ineffective against mosquitoes, sorry but it smells great. The next time you’re in the garden center looking for plants that repel mosquitoes look for the genus Cymbopogon, and the species nardus or winterianus. Citronella’s cousin lemongrass also repels mosquitoes the genus is the same, Cymbopogon it’s species is flexuosus. Both plants look the same. The essential oil from the fresh citronella plant is extracted by steam distillation. Citronella essential oil is medicinal, it has many health benefits.

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Antibacterial: Kills bacteria and inhibits it’s growth.

Antidepressant:Helps with depression, mental fatigue and it’s emotionally uplifting.

Antiseptic: Fights infections.

Antispasmodic: Relieves spasms of the muscle, respiratory system and nervous system.

Anti-inflammatory: Sedates inflammation.

Deodorant: The citrus in this oil drives away body odors.

Diaphoretic: Increases sweating; therefore releases toxins from the body.

Diuretics: increases the frequency of urination, and disposes of waste products and toxins.

Febrifuge: Fights fever and decreases body temperature, because it’s anti inflammatory,

increases perspiration and antimicrobial.

Fungicidal: Citronella kills fungus and inhibits its growth.

Insect repellent:Kills and keeps away insects, including mosquitoes.

 Stomachic: Clears stomach of infections, helps it function properly.

Stimulant: Has a toning effect on the  entire body, stimulates metabolism, circulatory and nervous system.


Health Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

Katherine Graf:Aroma Studio:Aromatherapy Home Study Certification Advanced Level Level,2001-2011.



Essential Oil Profile: Cistus (Labdanum , Rock Rose)

Essential Oils Profile: Cistus (Labedamum , Rock Rose

Latin Name: Cistus ladaniferus

Family: Cistaceae

Plant Part: Leaves


Typical Country: Portugal, Spain

Note/Element: Note:Middle/Base. Elements: Metal

Functional Groups: Terpene, alcohol, ester, phenol, aldehyde, keytone

Type: Relaxing

Ayurvedic Dosha( Balances): Vata, Pitta

Scent: Sweet,herbaceous, floral overtones, warm, amber

For Skin Type: Dry, mature, sensitive

Cautions: Do Not Use During Pregnancy

Physical Uses: Cuts, slows bleeding in cuts, paper cuts, scars, mature skin, colds, flu,       cough

Mental/Emotional Uses: Nervousness, insomnia, trauma, anxiety, PMS/PMT, adictions,

aromatherapy ‘s “rescue remedy”,soothing, calming, meditative

Other Uses: Combine with Rosa rubiginosa for mature skin, fine lines, scars or

wrinkles, Excellent for perfumes

Blends Well With: Citrus, flowers, resins, woods, geranium, rose, rose geranium

Possible Substitutions: Myrrh(for skin healing), Geranium Rose, (for scent)



Katherine Graf:Aroma Studio:Aromatherapy Home Study Certification Advanced Level Level,2001-2011.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease. Always consult your physician before making any significant changes to your health and wellness routine.


Renewal: The state of being made new, fresh, or strong again. The state of being renewed.

Happy New Year! Is it too late to still wish everyone a happy 2015? This is my first blog of the year so I think it’s apropos. As I was writing down notes for my first blog of the year, a few important dates came to mine, August 15, 2012 and December 6, 2010. The year I received my aromatherapy certification 2012 and the year I started L’s Naturals  2010. While I was creating new lotions, perfume mist & massage oils for my aromatherapy certification my smart hubby “says why not sell these and create your own product line, they are great”. My mentor and teacher Katherine Graft had created my curriculum for just that. I’m an aromatherapy practitioner and a manufacturer of my own product line. Hence, the birth of L’s Naturals. I was studying aromatherapy and trying to start a new business at the same time, really. What! I knew nothing about running a business. I did minor in business administration in college, but that was almost 20 years ago. Wow. I digress, I knew nothing about starting a business and I was still studying aromatherapy. I’ve had to learn everything on an as needed basis. It’s been quite stressful. Learning about DBA’s, taxes, inventory, creating new products, sales, marketing, business plans etc. It came to me you’ve only been an aromatherapist two and a half years and a business owner for four. Not very long at all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Aromatherapy is one of the oldest disciplines on earth there’s so much to learn and you can’t get in all done in two years. I have decided to chill (while diffusing lots of lavender), continue to study aromatherapy and grow my business. And then came 2015.

The new year has come and the word renewal has come to mind. I love this word, it’s uplifting and positive. We have an opportunity each year to renew our lives, begin a new. This includes, work, school, our spirituality, hobbies, careers, retirement etc. It’s a time for resolutions or goals. A time to make things new, fresh or strong again. I’m setting goals and making plans for the new year. I’ve decided a good way to learn more about essential oils is to do an in dept study each oil. One way to do this is to create a profile of each oil on my blog. 2015 will also be about learning the benefits of carrier oils and continue to work on my herbal infusions. I’m going to sell more essential oils, my customers are asking for them. I’m going to focus more on synergy blends( 2 or more essential oils blended together) for diffusing. What the customer wants the customer gets, right? I also study herbs on the side, I love saying that. Wow!  The goals I’ve created are enough to keep me very busy this year. Adding new and fresh ideas for the year is exciting. I love my job! I never though I say that.Until next time…..


essential oil synergies

Have an Aromatic and Prosperous 2015!



Welcome to Aromaangie

The love of gardening has guided me to the world of Aromatherapy. ” Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils for health and well-being. A branch of botanical medicine, aromatherapy is a plant base therapy. Essential oils are extracted from oil sacs in flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, woods, and bark. ” This is one of the best definitions of aromatherapy I’ve found from Marlene Ericksen.

The plant world is truly amazing. As I learn about plants and their medicinal benefits, I know they hold the key to cures for many if not all diseases. I’ve learned that lavender is calming and heals wounds. Peppermint is stimulating and helps rid the body of colds. Fennel seed heals tummy aches and Melissa makes you feel good when you are feeling really bad.

Hello, I’m Angela, a Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner and the owner of the L’s Naturals. I have fallen in love with the art of creating blends using essential oils to enhance the health and well-being of the body, physically and emotionally. For an aromatherapy consultation call for an appointment. I also give consults by phone, email or call to arrange an appointment. L’s Naturals  specializes in creating all natural handmade personal products. Check out my online store at One of my goals is to eliminate chemicals from our personal products. We all know the harm these chemicals have on our bodies.

I believe God has provided us with everything we need to live a healthy and prosperous life. I’m amazed when I look out over my garden and see all the healing plants. I am committed to the study of aromatherapy because I know the cure for Alzheimer’s and other debilitating diseases are out there. My  job as an Aromatherapists is to study and inform our communities about the many benefits we can receive from plants and herbs from around our world.   And I plan to do just that with my new blog Aromaangie. I will always provide accurate and authentic information about the world of aromatherapy to my clients and customers.

Keep Nature Alive!

Angela (Aromaangie)